Gas Station & Archery Store in
Riley, Oregon

The Riley Store is a full service gas station and archery store located in Riley, Oregon. We have everything from convenience items to hot food and coffee.

Stop in and take a load off. Don’t forget to fill up your tank! At The Riley Store you can grab your favorite snack and use one of our supremely clean bathrooms before hitting the road again.

Gas & Diesel Station

We offer 87 unleaded, 97 unleaded, and diesel fuels for the lowest prices around. Fill up at The Riley store today!

RV Park & Camping Sites

There are 12 RV sites with power and water hookups on our property for your convenience.

Convenience Store

Our convenience store offers the best road trip snacks. Hot coffee and food are available for purchase.

Archery Store

The Riley Store offers a full fledge archery store for all your archery needs, from bow repair to restringing.

The Riley Store
Gas Station & Archery Store in Riley, Oregon

You can find The Riley Store off of US highway 20 in Riley, Oregon across the street from the post office. We are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Come check us out today!
Gas Station in Riley, Oregon

Gas Station
in Riley, Oregon

Are you hitting the road for work or pleasure? Stop in at The Riley Store to receive the lowest gas prices around. We offer both gas and diesel at our pumps. We provide 87 unleaded fuel, 91 unleaded fuel, and of course we offer diesel fuel. We offer propane refills out of our industrial size propane tank. Fill up at The Riley Store and receive the lowest prices around!

RV Park & Camping Sites
in Riley, Oregon

Need a break from the road? Stop at The Riley Store and hookup your RV to power and water at one of our 12 RV parking spots. We know how tiring a long drive is, it’s safer to stop and rest then trying to push through a potentially dangerous situation. Better safe than sorry. Call us today for pricing on our RV and camping sites.
RV Park in Riley, Oregon
Convenience Store in Riley Oregon

Convenience Store
in Riley, Oregon

Stop in and grab some grub! We have a variety of snacks to choose from here at The Riley Store. Craving your favorite bag of chips or chocolate bar? We have it! There is always hot food and coffee if you need a little more than a snack or a quick pick me up. We also have some auto supplies such as oil and windshield wiper fluid for purchase.

Archery Store
in Riley, Oregon

At The Riley Store, you will find a full on archery shop. We have bows from both Hoyt and Mathews Archery, two of the top 5 archery brands on the market today. We offer essential archery services such as bow repair and restringing. Broken bow? Receive a quality repair job at The Riley Store today!

We offer everything from arrows to arm guards, we have it all. Stop in our archery store in Riley, Oregon to take a look at our stock! 

Archery Store in Riley, Oregon

About The Riley Store

Gas Station, Convenience, and Archery Store

The Riley Store is a truly unique pit stop in your travels. We have a plethora of services to meet your road trip needs. Need a bow repair to continue your hunting trip? Stop at The Riley Store. Need to take a break from driving and camp out for the night? Stop at The Riley Store. We truly pride ourselves in delivering top quality services to our customers. We have been open and operating since 1954, so we know a thing or two about our customers needs. We are a full service gas station, convenience, and archery store. Stop in and receive a fill up from our gas attendant. Yes, we have a gas attendant too.
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The Riley Store - Gas Station & Archery Store